Announce IAOC Admin Procedures 8-12-10

From: Bob Hinden <>
Date: August 12, 2010 8:56:45 PM EDT
To: IETF discussion list <>
Subject: Revised IAOC Administrative Procedures draft

The IAOC solicits feedback on the revised Administrative Procedures draft that is attached.

An early draft was sent to the community for comment on 28 May 2010. Many comments received were
about how this relates to BCP101, if the IAOC was changing BCP101, creating new rules, or clarifying areas
where BCP101 was not clear. The attached draft should clarify these comments.

In most cases, it includes the relevant BCP101 text and then describes how the IAOC is implementing this.
There are a few cases where BCP101 does not provide specific guidance. In these cases the Administrative Procedures
describes what the IAOC is doing as BCP101 requires.

The first paragraph of the Administrative Procedures states:

RFC 4071 (BCP 101) is the governing authority for IASA, the IAOC and
the IAD. It contains clear direction and guidance, but not all the
details required for the day-to-day operation of the IETF
Administrative Support Activity. BCP 101 section 3.4 specifically
tasks the IAOC to decide the details about its decision-making rules
and making them public. These Procedures are in response to that
requirement, and are further intended to provide clarity for the IAOC
and IAD in the execution of operational responsibilities. Further,
these procedures are not intended to change BCP 101; that would
require another BCP in accordance with section 2.4.

We hope this version resolves the concerns raised about the earlier version.

Bob Hinden
IAOC Chair

p.s. I will be on vacation starting next week and will respond to comments when I return.