IAOC Adopts Meeting Rooms Policy


The IAOC has adopted a Meeting Room Policy regarding the use of available IETF meeting room space, the approval process, and charges for the rooms and services based upon the category of the group requesting the room.

An IETF Meeting requires nearly 4,000 square meters in meeting space for working group sessions, the NOC, terminal room, offices, storage and other specific uses. Occasionally not all of the space is needed for every part of the meeting, or the IETF controls additional space. When there is available space, and space is available in non-meeting hours, the IAOC desires to make it available in a manner that considers the work of the IETF, fairness, and its expenses.

The policy can be found on the IAOC site at: http://iaoc.ietf.org/docs/Meeting-Rooms-Policy-05-13-10.txt

It will also be posted with each meeting, such as at: http://www.ietf.org/meeting/78/index.html

Requests should be made as soon as they are known.


IETF Administrative Director