IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA)

IAOC Draft Communications Plan May 2007


The IAOC recognizes its responsibility to oversee IASA on behalf of the IETF community in a transparent manner and to that end publishes this Draft Communications Plan for community review before its adoption.

This draft Communications Plan identifies the information to be communicated to the community, the desired frequency and the mode of those communications.

RFC 4071 provides general and specific guidance to the IAOC and IAD regarding their responsibility to ensure transparency in the operation of the IASA. This Plan implements the requirements of RFC 4071 and provides additional reports to the community to enhance its visibility into the operation of the IASA.

Section C defines Confidential Information.

Section D identifies the communications channels the IAOC will employ to publish the report.

Section E defines the reports.

The Communications Plan Matrix provides the details of what, when and where of the reports to the community, as well as specifying the RFC 4071 reference where applicable.

Feedback on this draft plan is welcome. The next iteration of the Plan will consider feedback received through 16 May 2007. Reviewing the MATRIX may be a good starting point for the review. Feedback should be addressed to iad at

Thanks for the assistance.

Ray Pelletier IAD

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