The RFC Editor plans to produce a canonical RFC document in XML using the xml2rfc v3 grammar, and to publish the RFC in several Publication Formats as defined in RFC6949.  In particular, there will be an HTML and PDF output that will support many new features within the documents, including SVG line art. Note that colors beyond black and white are not supported at this time. Regardless of color options, there is still a strong desire to create a practical and visually appealing style sheet to govern an updated look and guide the use of new features in the Series.

This project will result in a CSS file that will reflect visually pleasing, accessible, and responsive design. The HTML follows a semantic design as described in <https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-iab-html-rfc/>; all display details must come from an embedded CSS. The PDF must also follow a semantic design, including proper PDF tags, as described in <https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-iab-rfc-use-of-pdf/>.


      Provide a responsive design CSS for future RFCs following the guidance in draft-iab-rfc-css

      The PDF and HTML output must look as similar as possible

      The PDF and HTML must stay in sync going forward

      All of the HTML features  that have been called out in draft-iab-html-rfc need to be in place in the CSS

      All of the PDF features that have been called out in the PDF draft draft-iab-rfc-use-of-pdf need to be in place in the CSS


In the course of this engagement, the contractor will be expected to: 

      Create the initial strawman CSS for both HTML and PDF. This may be based on previous proofs-of-concept, or may be entirely new, at the discretion of the contractor;

      Work with the RSE through at least three rounds of community feedback to create the final output. The RSE will be the point of contact for the interaction with the community; the contractor may find it valuable to subscribe to the rfc-interest@rfc-editor.org mailing list to follow discussions on the topic.

      Develop a final CSS as per the detailed descriptions and requirements listed below.

Final approval for the CSS will be provided by the RSE.

Detailed Description and Requirements

The CSS must follow the requirements described in https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-iab-rfc-css. The developer will work with the RFC Series Editor and the community to agree on the overall visual design before submitting the final CSS that will be used in the publication process.

There is a hand-crafted example of intended HTML output at http://hildjj.github.io/draft-hildebrand-html-rfc/test.3.html. Where it conflicts with the definitions in draft-iab-html-rfc, the latter, defining,  document takes precedence.

It is critical that the CSS take into account the accessibility requirements of the community while building a  responsive, visually pleasing design. Where compromises are required due to mutually exclusive requirements in accessibility and responsiveness, the designer will work with the RFC Series Editor to come to a decision on what features to support.