IASA Minutes for Call 1 7, 2005

IASA Call 11:00 AM EST January 7 2004.

Participants :

Leslie Daigle
Harald Alvestrand
Steve Crocker
Kurtis Lindqvist
Marshall Eubanks [scribe].

Agenda :

Status of Job Description.

How and when to raise consciousness in the IETF about
opportunities for the secretariat function in 2005.

Other Business

Status of the Job Description.

Harald Alvestrand related some comments from a job search
professional about the IAD job description. The major
recommendation was that the description should provide more
reasons for prospective candidates to seek the job. Kurtis
Lindqvist volunteered to generate more a enthusiastic
description, subject to the review of the committee.

Leslie Daigle reminded the Committee that she had informed
the IETF list that a revised description would be released in

The question of what do with the finished IAD job description
was raised by Steve Crocker. The current intention is to send the description to a number of mailing lists (IETF, RIPE, NANOG, etc.),
with a request that list members forward it to possible candidates.

How and when to raise consciousness in the IETF about
opportunities for the secretariat function in 2005.

There was general consensus that the Committee needed to
better inform the IETF about the status of possibilities for
the handling the secretariat functions in 2005.

While the IASA TT has been informed of discussions that CNRI is
entertaining with regards to the possible disposition of Foretec,
there have been no formal proposals put the the IASA TT.
Nevertheless, such detail as we have should be put to the

The Committee discussed the level of detail required in such
a message, and agreed to attempt to provide adequate detail
without distracting from the basic thrust of the state of
affairs (information, without overloading).

The Committee undertook to prepare such a message, capturing
the principles that, whatever organization is providing secretariat
services in 2005, it is important to provide the IETF control over all
decisions, access to all information and data going forward, and to remain in control of the decision-making process.

While the BCP as drafted certainly looks to use RFP processes for
fulfilling all functions, the IASA TT observed that there is considerable advantage to considering a fixed-term arrangement
with an entity that has access to the current IETF assets,
if there is adequate assurance that the arrangement will follow
the principles mentioned earlier.

Other Business

Harald has created a new section of the wiki so we can start
collecting material for "operational guidelines". Harald suggested
the IASA TT review this and undertake to flesh it out as part
of the TT activities.

There was further discussion of appropriate means and venues
for ISOC-IETF communications, necessary for finalization of the
BCP and developing guidelines going forward.

It was decided that the next call will be at Wednesday the 12th at 11:00 AM EST.