IASA Minutes for Call 1 13 2005.txt

IASA Call 10:00 AM EST January 13 2005.

Participants :

Harald Alvestrand
Lynn St. Amour
Steve Crocker
Leslie Daigle
Kurtis Lindqvist
Marshall Eubanks [scribe].

Agenda :

Review the action items from before

Job Description

Kurtis Lindqvist described his text for the job description, and asked the Committee if this was sufficient. After discussion, the Committee agreed that this text was sufficient.

The next step is to send the description to the IETF list for a 24 hour review, and the Committee agreed to to this immediately and to aim at a formal posting on Monday.

Getting a note to the community

The Committee discussed text for the note to the community sent by Steve Crocker. Consensus was obtained on firmly stating that the result of the IASA transition will be an open bid process. Steve Crocker's text was accepted as the basis for the note, with an Appendix to provide additional details. Leslie Daigle accepted responsibility for doing the integration of the Note and the Appendix.

Harald Alvestrand reminded the Committee that NeuStar should be sent an advanced copy of this note, and it was decided that this should be done by Friday.

Getting Minutes to the community

There was discussion about the level of detail that should be provided to the community. The consensus was that the Committee should try to make the community aware of what it is working on, and to give enough information about the directions being taking to make outsiders feel comfortable about the process.

The decision was made to make the new public wiki into the main means of information sharing, by posting the Minutes and other documentation on that site.

It was agreed that the primary means of communication back to the Committee from the community should be through e-mails.

Action Items for the Next Meeting

By the next meeting the IAD job description should be finished, and a note to the community and meeting minutes should be up on the public wiki, together with a description of the timeline.

In order to save time, it was decided to delegate final approval authority to specific persons for tasks to be completed before the next meet.

Kurtis Lindqvist will do the announcement to the community about the Secretariat 2005 and the final take on the job description, subject to approval by Leslie Daigle and Harald Alverstrand

Harald Alverstrand will finish the public wiki, subject to approval by Leslie Daigle.

Leslie Daigle will prepare the note to the community, subject to Harald Alverstrand's approval, and will send the announcement message to NeuStar.

Tuesday, January 18th at 10:00 AM EST was decided as the time for the next meeting.