IASA Call Feb 16, 2005

IASA Call 11:00 AM EST February 16, 2005.

Participants :

Harald Alvestrand
Lynn St. Amour

Steve Crocker

Leslie Daigle
Kurtis Lindqvist
Lucy Lynch
Marshall Eubanks [scribe]

Agenda :

Discussion of IAD Candidate Call
Discussion of Minutes
Note to Robert Kahn about IPR.
The time of the next call.
Planning for Minneapolis

The meeting started with a general discussion of the status of the BCP and related business. Steve
Crocker informed the Team that the
NomCom was waiting on the formal approval of the BCP before beginning their process, and that the
ISOC Board had already commenced its voting process for IAB candidates, which will take 2 weeks.
Steve and Lynn discussed the voting procedures used by the ISOC Board for the benefit of the other
team members.

At this point Harald Alvestrand, who had been delayed, joined the call.

After a review of the discussion to that point, Alvestrand mentioned earlier discussions about a
tentative plan to move e-mail and archiving functions outside of the NeuStar package and putting
them to a separate Request for Proposals and bid cycle, and asked if the Team wanted to revisit the

Leslie Daigle pointed out that this was not part of the agenda, and requested that it be moved to
the end of the call, if there was time, or the next call, if there was not.

Leslie Daigle then brought up the Minutes for the Call of February 9. These had been reviewed by the
Team and by Mark Foster (a guest on the call), but not by Jorge Contreras (the other guest on the
call). It was decided to offer Contreras that opportunity, and to bring these minutes up again for
approval at the next meeting.

The next topic on the Agenda was the note intended for Robert Kahn about IPR. There was general
agreement about sending this note to get dialog started and to clarify the intent behind holding IPR
in a Trust arrangement. Lynn St. Amour pointed out that it was the Team's responsibility to
understand what we wanted from a Trust arrangement. After discussion the Team agreed to the sending
of the note as written, and this was done during the call by Harald Alvestrand.

The Team then engaged in a general discussion of the candidates for the IAD position, which had been
the subject of a call the previous day. Lucy Lynch volunteered to contact the resulting "short
list" of likely candidates, request that they read the BCP, and request that they send the Team more

The time of the next call was next on the Agenda.
The normal time will not be convenient for the two Team members
scheduled to be in Kyoto, Japan. It was decided after discussion
to move the time of the next call to 9:00 AM EST on Wednesday, February 23.

The Minneapolis IETF was the next item of discussion. The Team felt that this would offer an
opportunity to familiarize the broader Internet community with the Team's work and the IASA
Transition, and also that the opportunity should be taken for a face to face Team meeting. There was
discussion about having a special BOF or office hours. It was decided to hold office hours and also
maybe to have a general discussion during the Thursday Plenary. The general details will be decided
later after on-list discussion.

A possible follow-up call on IAD candidates was the last item of discussion. It was decided that
this was not necessary, but
Harald Alvestrand and Lucy Lynch urged the other Team members to fill in the on-line ballots on all
candidates, in case it was necessary to re-visit the candidate list.

There was not sufficient time to discuss Harald Alvestrand's new topic, and this was moved to the
next meeting.