IASA Call 9:00 AM EST February 23, 2005

IASA Call 9:00 AM EST February 23, 2005.

Participants :

Harald Alvestrand
Lynn St. Amour
Brian Carpenter [guest]
Steve Crocker
Leslie Daigle
Kurtis Lindqvist
Lucy Lynch
Marshall Eubanks [scribe]

Agenda :

Minutes from past meetings
Discussion of IAD Candidate Status
Discussion of IPR Status
The Guidelines Draft for IPR Management
Office Hours and other Minneapolis Logistics
Status of NeuStar Arrangement
Other Business

Minutes :

The Minutes for the calls on February 9th and 16th were approved after discussion.

IAD Candidate Status :

New applications are still accepted, and the Team discussed measures to broaden the applicant pool.

After the detailed review of the candidates by the Team last week, four candidates were sent
requests for further information. To date, two candidates have responded to this request; their
responses were discussed.

Lynn St. Amour gave Brian Carpenter a review of the entire IAD candidate review process to date.

After discussion, the Team decided that it would be good to have another additional phone call in
the upcoming week, dedicated to the review of candidates.

IPR Status :

Harald Alvestrand opened this item by describing the limited response from Robert Kahn to the
message sent to him from the Team.

Steve Crocker described the effort to have a joint meeting between the ISOC and CNRI Boards. A
meeting is provisionally scheduled for March 14, but it is still unclear who will attend from CNRI.

Guidelines Draft for IPR Management :

Kurtis Lindqvist (the author of the draft) described the response that he got from his initial
distribution of the Guidelines. While he received useful feedback, he feels that there needs to be
better understanding of a possible IPR trust before the draft can progress.

Brian Carpenter expressed the strong opinion that any IPR solution needed to clarify the ownership
of IPR, and protect the rights of the IETF. The Team expressed frustration that there was at present
no concrete proposal from CNRI about IPR. Kurtis Lindqvist expressed his opinion that the Team and
the IETF had to decide between waiting for a proposal, or moving ahead without one. There was
general dissatisfaction about the slow pace of progress here.
Steve Crocker suggested that at some point an attorney specializing in these IPR issues should be
brought in to provide counsel on this matter. Kurtis Lindqvist volunteered to arrange a meeting with
Jorge Contreras about this matter in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Logistics :

The logistics of arranging for office hours at the upcoming IETF meeting were discussed. It was
concluded that the best time for office hours was around the time of the afternoon break. Lucy
Lynch volunteered to write a note to Marcia Beaulieu requesting space at the meeting for this.

NeuStar Status :

Leslie Daigle offered to write an informal note to Mark Foster asking for their status with the
finalization of the BCP.
There was discussion of how to proceed such that organizational
transition occurs before the Paris meeting, in particular to ensure
that the Paris meeting fees are paid directly to the IETF-designated account. There was agreement to
advise the interim IAOC that this is a priority. In the absence of the IAD, and based on previous
practices, it was agreed that the IETF Chair should be the person responsible for such
communications with Foretec.

Other Business :

Lynn St Amour requested that there be at least one Team member at the portion of the ISOC Board of
Trustees meeting dedicated to the IETF restructuring, roughly 2 to 4 PM the Friday of the
Minneapolis IETF meeting.

The IAD Candidate call will be Tuesday, March 1, Noon EST, and the next regular Transition Team Call
will be on Wednesday, March 2, at 10:00 AM EST.