IAOC Call at 10:00 AM EDT, Thursday, July 7, 2005

IAOC Call at 10:00 AM EDT, Thursday, July 7, 2005.

Participants :
Lynn St. Amour
Brian Carpenter
Ed Juskevicius
Kurtis Lindqvist
Lucy Lynch
Ray Pelletier
Jonne Soininen

Marshall Eubanks [scribe]

Draft Agenda - IAOC Call for 10:00AM EDT, Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Approval of the Minutes
- Minutes for IAOC Call at 10:00 AM EDT, Thursday, June 30, 2005
- Monthly Report for the IAOC for June, 2005
IAOC Old Business
- IAOC Web Link
IAD Report
- Report from the IAD
- Nothing to Report from CNRI
- Call scheduled for Monday, July 11th
- Update on Service Agreement
- License agreement
House Keeping
- Point of Contact: Legal Counsel
- Logistics for Paris
– Office Hours
New Business
- Transfer mechanism(s) for IPR from CNRI
- Archival data - collection and storage

Approval of the Minutes

The Minutes for the IAOC Teleconference of June 30th, and the IAOC Monthly Report for July, 2005, having previously been distributed and discussed, were approved.

IAOC Old Business

The Chair reported that the requested link to the IAOC web page is now active on the IETF main page.

IAD Report

The IAD reported from California on the progress of his meetings with the the RFC Editor staff.

IPR Trust

The IAOC Chair reported that there was still no response from CNRI to the IAOC revision of the draft Trust Agreement for the proposed IPR Trust.


The first regularly scheduled telephone call between the IAD, IAOC participants, and NeuStar personnel is scheduled for Monday, July 11th. These calls are intended to discuss issues about the proposed contract with NeuStar for Secretariat services, and will occur weekly for the foreseeable future.

House Keeping

The IAOC discussed the contractual status of the relationship with the IETF Counsel. The Counsel, Jorge Contreras, has suggested that the IETF re-negotiate its original IASA related contract as the initial IETF restructuring effort is nearly complete.

The IAOC decided that the IAD will be the point of contact with the IETF Counsel for day-to-day activities related to IASA.

The IAOC decided that it will conduct office hours during the Paris IETF; the IETF Chair urged that the IAOC Chair apply for a room for Office hours immediately.

Jonne Soininen suggested that the IAOC be provided with a copy of all outstanding IETF contracts. After deliberation, the IAOC decided to collect on-line scanned copies of the relevant signed contracts.

New Business

The IAOC discussed methods for accepting and storing IETF IPR. The IAOC decided that there should be an official historical archive and a community archive, and that any contract for Secretariat Services should include an option to provide for archival data storage.

As an item of new business, the IAOC discussed the IASA presentation for the Paris IETF Plenary.