IAOC Call at 3:30 PM CEDT, Monday, August 1, 2005

IAOC Call at 3:30 PM CEDT, Monday, August 1, 2005.

Participants :

Lynn St. Amour
Brian Carpenter
Jorge Contreras
Steve Crocker
Leslie Daigle
Lucy Lynch
Ray Pelletier
Jonne Soininen

Marshall Eubanks [scribe]

Mark Foster [NeuStar]
Jeff Neuman [NeuStar]
Alan Khalili [NeuStar]

Draft Agenda/Paris Meeting
- Service Agreement
- Draft SOW
- License text
- CNRI update
- Plenary planning

Service Agreement/Draft SOW

The draft proposed Service Agreement was discussed first.

Jeff Neuman of NeuStar went over detailed changes to the wording of the draft proposed SOW, and the NeuStar concerns behind these changes. The IAOC noted several changes that will have to be discussed with the IETF's Counsel, Jorge Contreras, and agreed to provide the next draft of the proposed Service Agreement after this review.

The IAOC Chair committed to putting together a mailing list and wiki for IAOC / NeuStar interaction.

Steve Crocker expressed concerns about the meshing of the contractual calendar for Secretariat services and the IETF meeting cycle.

The IAOC and NeuStar agreed that the text of any realized agreement will be made available to the IETF community.

The draft Statement of Work was then discussed. The current draft was based on a presentation by Harald Alvestrand. Brian Carpenter pointed out that IETF Tools development is on-going, that there are new tools dating from after Harald's presentation, and that there needs to be the flexibility to support both maintenance and development of tools.

Criteria for site selection were discussed at length. While NeuStar Secretariat Services (NSS) will not be responsible for site selection, it will have some responsibility for location selection and location preparation, which are of course coupled to site selection. The IAOC Chair pointed out that there are differences between hosted and non-hosted meetings that need to be reflected in the text.

There was a realization on both sides that flexibility was needed, and that there would definitely be a learning process during the initial contract.

Steve Crocker expressed the desire that IETF meetings be planned further into the future than at present, and suggested that the IAOC and NSS aim for scheduling meetings 2 and 1/2 years in advance. The IAOC had consensus for sending a message out to the community saying that the IETF needs hosts and locations for future meetings.

License text

The IAOC agreed that the IAD and the IETF Counsel, Jorge Contreras, should prepare a draft IPR License based on the current version of the draft proposed IPR Trust.

CNRI update

The IAOC and NeuStar discussed the logistics of the multiple agreements and signings required to begin operations. (In the current proposed sequence, there will be separate agreements between NSS and CNRI, between NSS and the IETF, and between the IETF and CNRI.) The utility of possible Letters of Intent (LOI) between the parties were discussed, but there is no consensus that such LOI will be necessary or desirable.

To concretely represent the discussion on signing logistics, the IAOC Chair prepared a flow chart of the agreements necessary for a full closing, and the order of their signing.

Mark Foster reported on the NeuStar negotiations with CNRI about the Foretec purchase. In the opinion of NeuStar, significant progress has been made, and the remaining issues

Jeff Neuman reminded the IAOC that as NeuStar is now a publicly traded company, a public announcement will have to made once the Foretec purchase is consummated, and notified the IAOC that NeuStar may wish to a Press Release and other publicity about the agreements at that time.

Alan Khalili and Mark Foster expressed confidence that the Foretec sale and purchase agreement could be finalized in the next few weeks, and it should be possible to provide full financial details to the IAOC within a week or two after that.

Plenary planning

The IAOC described its plans for the upcoming Plenary presentation.