IAOC Call at 10:00 AM EDT, Thursday, October 13, 2005

Participants :

Lynn St. Amour
Brian Carpenter
Steve Crocker
Leslie Daigle
Ed Juskevicius
Lucy Lynch
Ray Pelletier
Jonne Soininen

Marshall Eubanks [scribe]
Lynn Duval [guest]

Agenda - IAOC Call for 10:00AM AM EDT, Thursday October 14th, 2005

Approval of the Minutes

- IAOC Call for 10:00AM EDT, Thursday September 29, 2005

- IAOC Call for 9:30AM EDT, Thursday October 6th, 2005

Legal Issues

- Legal Services Agreement

- Will we need Jorge in BC?

IAD Report

- Report from Ray

 --IETF 65

- NeuStar update


Budget Review

- revenue discussion

-- Revenue projections (fees and fund raising)

- Special Projects Models (short term contracts/RCFs/paid staff)

- RCF Ed RFP development

- Sec/Meeting budget projections

New Business

- IAD Evaluation Process (see Sec. 3 BCP 101)

House Keeping

- September Report

Approval of the Minutes

Approval of the Minutes was deferred.

Legal Issues

Lynn St. Amour reported that the ISOC Legal Counsel had reviewed the draft Engagement Letter with Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale and Dorr for legal representation of the IETF. The Engagement Letter, having been previously distributed and discussed, was then approved.

After discussion, the IAOC concluded that Jorge Contreras, the IETF Counsel, would be needed at the 64th IETF Meeting in Vancouver, and instructed the IAD to inform him of this and coordinate travel arrangements.

IAD Report

–IETF 65
The IAD reported that he and Foretec were waiting on a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the main sponsor for the 65th IETF, which was expected shortly, and that there was no news in the search for hosts for the 66th IETF.

The IAD briefly described the status of negotiations with NeuStar concerning the proposed contract for Secretariat Services. The IETF Chair requested that obtaining a Statement of Work for this activity be made a priority.


The IAOC Chair reported that she was still waiting for a response from Robert Kahn concerning the final draft of the IETF Trust Agreement.

Budget Review

The IAOC then continued its discussion for the IETF budget for 2006 and subsequent years, debating assumptions about changes in paid attendance, registration fees, and sponsorship levels. All expense categories were also reviewed, including Secretariat and RFC Editor expenses. Lynn Duval of the ISOC joined the call for part of this discussion.

Other Business

Remaining items of business were deferred until subsequent meetings.