IAOC Call at 10:00 AM EDT, Thursday, October 20, 2005

Participants :

Lynn St. Amour
Brian Carpenter
Steve Crocker
Leslie Daigle
Ed Juskevicius
Kurtis Lindqvist
Lucy Lynch
Ray Pelletier
Jonne Soininen

Marshall Eubanks [scribe]

Agenda - IAOC Call for 10:00AM AM EDT, Thursday October 20th, 2005

Approval of the Minutes

- IAOC Call for 10:00AM EDT, Thursday September 29, 2005

- IAOC Call for 9:30AM EDT, Thursday October 6th, 2005

- IAOC Call for 10:00AM AM EDT, Thursday October 13th, 2005

IAD Report

- Report from Ray

 --IETF 65

 -- Call & Meetings w/ NeuStar


- Agreement to Sign

-- mechanics of Signing

-- BCP Update requirements

- IETF Trust FAQ

- Review Current License Text

- Publication of IETF Trust/FAQ/Model License

Budget Review

- Approve Final 05-07 version for submission to ISOC BOD

-- Fee Increases

-- Overview Text

-- Presentation to the ISOC BOD

- Process for Development and Review going forward.

Planning/IETF 64

- Plenary

- Office Hours

- Executive Session


- Planning for Vancouver BC

- Current standing of Documents

-- Service Agreement

-- SOW & SLAs

-- Budget

-- License

New Business

- IAD Evaluation Process (see Sec. 3 BCP 101)

House Keeping

- September Report

Approval of the Minutes

The Minutes were again deferred.

IAD Report

–IETF 65
– Call & Meetings w/ NeuStar
The IAD was pleased to report that arrangements had been completed to conduct the 65th IETF in Dallas, Texas, with the host being Nokia.

The IAD also reported that things had gone well with his initial budget discussions with NeuStar for Secretariat Services, with NeuStar agreeing that they could work within the IAOC Budget projections. The IAD also described NeuStar's plans to transfer Secretariat Services from Foretec. The IETF Chair requested that emergency backup email lists be created outside of the Secretariat for the transition, and the IAOC Chair suggested that these could be accommodated at the University of Oregon. The IAD said that he expected a detailed transition plan from NeuStar for IAOC review shortly.


The IAOC discussed the mechanics of signing the IETF Trust Agreement, given that IAOC members are widely dispersed, and determined that all members except for the IETF Chair and ISOC CEO would sign copies to be sent to the IAD, with the final signatures to be held until the actual closing.

The IAOC also discussed the publication of the Trust, the Trust FAQ file, and the Trust License Agreement. They concluded that this publication was necessary and that there was no impediment to doing it within the week, once they had a final determination from CNRI that it was also ready to sign the current Draft.

Budget Review

The IAOC had a brief discussion of the IETF Budget, focusing on the written and oral presentation to the ISOC Board.

Planning/IETF 64


The IAOC discussed planning for the 64th IETF, deciding to maintain the previous office hours during the afternoon break, and that a face-to-face meeting with principals at NeuStar was desirable. The IAOC Chair volunteered to coordinate this meeting with NeuStar. The IAD reported that the IETF Counsel had made travel plans to attend this meeting.

New Business

A sub-committee has been established to set up the performance review of the IAD.

House Keeping

The IAOC Chair and the scribe volunteered to work on the Monthly Report for September.