IAOC Call 10:00AM EDT, Thursday April 6, 2006

IAOC Call 10:00AM EDT, Thursday March April 6th, 2006

Participants :

Lynn St. Amour
Brian Carpenter
Leslie Daigle
Ed Juskevicius
Kurtis Lindqvist
Lucy Lynch
Ray Pelletier

Marshall Eubanks [scribe]

Agenda- IAOC Call 10:00AM EDT, Thursday March April 6th, 2006

Approval of the Minutes

  IAOC Call for 10:00AM EST, Thursday March 16, 2006

IAD Weekly Report

    * New Meeting Update

      - site and funding issues

    * Dallas report

    * NSS debrief session

Committee Reports

    * IAD Evaluation

      - next steps

    * RFC Ed Committee

      - next steps

IAOC Old Business

    * DoC/IANA check in

    * meeting planners sub-committe

IAOC New Business

    * Hosting and Sponsorships

      - ISOC POC

House Keeping

    * website updates

      - financial reports

    * web site move (iaoc & trust)

    * future of the wiki


The Minutes for the March 16th Meeting having not been received, their
consideration was deferred.

IAD Weekly Report

There was extensive discussion concerning problems with the possible venues for
the Fall, 2007, meeting.

The IAD reported on results from the Dallas meeting. The Dallas meeting
expenditures on food and beverages was larger than anticipated. After
discussion, the IAOC agreed that budgets for future meetings would need to
reflect this, and that there needs to be a community discussion of the possible
responses to this change.

The opening of Montreal registration was delayed pending further discussion of
these issues.

The IAD and the IAOC discussed possible times for a planned debriefing of
NeuStar personnel on issues arising from the the Dallas meeting.

Committee Reports

The IAD annual performance review and evaluation was discussed. The
sub-committee was awaiting feed-back from the IAD concerning this.

RFC Editor Committee plans to prepare a draft RFI in April, for release in May.

IAOC Old Business
The US Department of Commerce RFI for IANA was discussed briefly.

A subcommittee of the IAOC was formed to help advise the IAD about locations
and venues for future IETF meetings.

IAOC New Business

Hosting and Sponsorships

Ed Juskevicius raised an issue about letters of invitation for interim Working
Group meetings. The IETF Chair advised that this issue was the responsibility
of the Working Group in question, not the IAOC or the Secretariat.

House Keeping

Housekeeping items were deferred to a future meeting. Because of the amount of
pending business, the IAOC decided that call on April 13th, originally scheduled to be
a meeting of the IETF Trustees, would instead be a regular meeting of the IAOC.