IAOC Meeting 2013-03-13 7:30 EDT


Bernard Aboba [PRESENT]
Jari Arkko [PRESENT]
Scott Bradner [PRESENT]
Randy Bush [PRESENT]
Dave Crocker [PRESENT]
Scott Bradner [PRESENT]
Chris Griffiths [PRESENT]
Bob Hinden[PRESENT, Chair]
Russ Housley [PRESENT]
Ole Jacobsen [PRESENT]
Ray Pelletier [PRESENT, IAD]
Lynn St. Amour [PRESENT]

Karen O'Donoghue [SCRIBE]
Jorge Contreras [GUEST]
Dana Matthews [GUEST]
Sandy Spector [GUEST]

Draft IAOC Agenda


1. Minutes
2. Juniper Multi-Year Support Agreement E-Vote Results
3. IANA SLA Status
4. Remote Participation Services Subcommittee
5. Retreat Locations & Topics
6. IAOC Communications and Accessibility
7. Reports from Orlando Tools Demos

  • IETF Servers
  • Agenda Scheduling
  • Mail Search & Archive
  • Websites Makeover
8. IAOC Plenary Slides
9. Elect IAOC Chair
10. IAOC Orlando Schedule
  • Office Hours
  • Plenary
  • Dinner
  • Friday 86 Mtg Ops Review Meeting
11. AOB

Bob Hinden called the IAOC meeting to order. He welcomed the new members and guests and conducted a round of introductions. The agenda was modified slightly during the meeting to add an Orlando meeting status update and to switch the order of the IAOC Orlando schedule overview and the election of the IAOC chair.

1. Minutes
Minutes for IAOC meetings on 14 and 28 of February were distributed to the mailing list. Scott Bradner moved and Chris Griffiths seconded a motion to adopt the minutes as amended on the mailing list. The motion was unanimously approved.

2. Juniper Multi-Year Support Agreement E-Vote Results
Bob Hinden reported the following for the record:

Bob Hinden conducted an E-Vote to approve the Juniper Multi-Year IETF Support Agreement (attached to the E-Vote). The E-Vote was initiated on 9 March 2013 and was closed on Monday, 11 March 2013, 1200 EDT. Instructions for participating in the E-Vote were included in the email.

The following resolution was balloted:

The IAOC approves Juniper Multi-Year IETF Support Agreement and authorize the IAD to requests that the Internet Society to sign this agreement on the IETF's behalf and invoice Juniper for the first payment as called for under the agreement.

The results of the E-Vote were:

Bernard Aboba [YES] March 9, 2013 5:19:42 PM EST
Lynn St. Amour [YES] March 10, 2013 10:04:23 PM EDT
Scott Bradner [YES] March 9, 2013 12:48:55 PM EST
Dave Crocker [YES] March 10, 2013 10:10:04 AM EDT
Chris Griffiths [YES] March 9, 2013 1:48:09 PM EST
Bob Hinden [YES] March 9, 2013 5:22:52 PM EST
Russ Housley [YES] March 9, 2013 1:54:43 PM EST
Ole Jacobsen [YES] March 9, 2013 7:07:23 PM EST

The E-Vote passed unanimously. The Juniper Multi-Year IETF Support Agreement is approved.

3. Orlando Update
Ray Pelletier provided a brief update on the Orlando meeting including registration numbers, visas, and Bits-N- Bites vendors.

4. IANA SLA Status
The IANA SLA is expected to be ready for IAOC action on 4 April. The IAOC will receive the SLA a week before that date to allow time for review. Some of the expected changes include: a name change for the oversight group; a revision to the datatracker integration schedule; and a provision that ICANN can author RFCs in a consensus process. Additionally there is an ongoing discussion about periodic audits of the function and the process to release that information to the public. When there is concurrence on the audit language, the plan is to adopt it as an amendment to the SLA.

5. Remote Participation Services Subcommittee
A quick update on the Remote Participation Services Subcommittee was provided. The current work items are the plan to go forward with RPS experiments and the plan to host the Meetecho IETF meeting audio/video archives. There are a number of ongoing operational issues to be addressed. IAOC members interested in participating in the effort, please contact Bob Hinden. Randy Bush volunteered.

6. Retreat Locations & Topics
Possible retreat locations and dates were discussed. AMS researched a number of locations. Current dates are 29-30 April in San Francisco. There is a schedule constraint with the DNSSEC key rollover. An agenda for the retreat will be developed on the mailing list. Bob Hinden requested that people submit topics in advance.

7. IAOC Communications and Accessibility
Efforts to improve IAOC communications and accessibility were discussed. Bob Hinden reported on the Sunday IAOC presentation. There were about 40 in attendance, and good questions and feedback were received. Venue selection was a popular topic. Suggestions for improvement include take out the 2012 results and focus more on process and structure. The next question will be what is the right frequency for the presentation. Russ Housley suggested every time or maybe every other time. .

The IAOC continues to have two short meeting office hours sessions during breaks. However, basically no one makes use of this opportunity. The point of the presentation is to communicate from the IAOC to the attendees. The point of office hours is for attendees to communicate back to the IETF. Some alternatives include developing a flier, time after the presentation, or Ray setting up a table in the break area. The table has been done in the past and was also underutilized.

It was suggested that further discussion of this topic should be a retreat topic.

8. Reports from Orlando Tools Demos
Brief status was provided on a number of Tools development efforts.

AMS has tentatively selected a co-location facility in the San Jose, CA area. The next step is moving the IETF Servers, and planning is underway for what that will entail.

The Agenda Scheduling Contract with Sandleman is in place, and there are good discussions ongoing between Sandleman and the Secretariat. The Secretariat is excited about the prospects of getting this tool.

The Mail Search & Archive tool was demoed earlier this week, and it is going to be a big improvement on current capabilities. There will likely be a follow-on activity. A desire to apply the search capability to the rest of the IETF site was expressed.

The website makeover committee will be meeting later today. AMS has the award for this effort.

9. IAOC Plenary Slides
The IAOC Plenary Slides were sent by Bob to the mailing list. We continue to try to reduce the slides presented to the minimum necessary. Additional information is available in the backup slides and the Sunday presentation.

10. IAOC Orlando Schedule
Ray Pelletier provided a quick reminder of the IAOC schedule for the week including Office Hours, Plenary, the IAOC group dinner, and the Friday IETF86 Meeting Operations Review meeting.

From the Meeting Operations Review meeting, it was suggested that a post mortem report for the Orlando meeting be produced. The details of what it should include can be ironed out later.

11. Elect IAOC Chair
The IAOC went into executive session to elect the chair. Bob Hinden was elected as the IAOC Chair for the coming year. The IAOC thanked Bob for his past and future service.

12. AOB

Bob and Ray indicated that a retreat agenda will be available NLT 15 April.

Randy Bush asked for a list of current committees and members of those committees.

The IAOC meeting was adjourned 8:51 am EDT.