Lou Berger

Lou BergerLou Berger is a principal in LabN Consulting LLC, which he founded in 1999. He focuses on technology strategies, IP network architectures, IP-based control protocols, and Traffic Engineering technologies. He has helped LabN customers develop network architectures, technology and product strategies, pursue their research programs, develop their hardware and software architectures, and translate these into deliverable products and operational systems. He previously was the Vice President of Protocol Development and System Architecture at Movaz Networks and, earlier, worked at FORE Systems and BBN.

Lou has been a contributor to the IETF since 1989 and a regular meeting contributor since IETF 24. He has authored numerous RFCs and Internet-Drafts in the areas of GMPLS, MPLS, MPLS-TP, Quality of Service signaling and routing. He co-chaired the ST2+ and CCAMP working groups and other BoFs. He currently serves as the TEAS Working Group co-chair, on the IAOC, on the Routing and RSVP Directorates and on the IRTF ANRP selection committee.