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Documentation Requests, Subpoenas, and Suits

Most types of IETF documents are publically available from the IETF web site. Including RFCs, Internet Drafts, mailing list archives, intellectual property rights disclosures, working group activity, and Meeting Proceedings.

If obtaining IETF documents from the public IETF web pages is not sufficient then parties engaged in litigation relating to technologies that use or incorporate IETF standards may wish to obtain information directly from the IETF, in the form of documents, responses to questions or other tangible items. This is likely to occur when the litigant believes that some activity that occurred within the IETF process [RFC2026], or some intellectual property relating to an IETF standard [RFC3978] [RFC4748] [RFC3979], is directly related to the case in question. The term "documents" is often defined broadly by subpoenas and can include both electronic and hard copy sources, such as working group session attendance lists ("Blue Sheets"), minutes, Internet Drafts, RFCs, and emails.

To obtain such information, the litigant may send a Documentation Request seeking the information to the IETF. Request and response procedures are discussed at Legal Request Procedures.

The IAOC has adopted a Fees Policy for Legal Requests that imposes standard fees to produce information and authenticate documents in response to subpoenas and other legal requests. More information and a schedule of fees can be found here: Fees Policy for Legal Requests 6 September, 2012.

Documentation Requests, Subpoenas, and Suits Received



Month Title Responses



Sonus Networks, Inc. v. Metaswitch Networks Ltd RFC Editor Declaration



RealTime Data LLC vs. EchoStar Corp. and Hughes Network Systems LLC RFC Editor Declaration



Suit Title

Sony v SSH

RFC 2543 Declaration

Internet Draft Declaration



Glassey v. Microsemi

California Superior Court

 Order Dismissing Claim Against ISOC with Prejudice 20 October 2016

 Order Striking Plaintiff First Amended Complaint 20 October 2016

 Ruling ISOC Motion to Strike Granted 14 October 2016 

 Notice of Demurrer 29 August 2016

 Proposed Order Sustaining Demurrer 29 August 2016

 Anti-SLAPP Motion to Strike 29 August 2016

 Proposed Order Granting Anti-SLAPP Motion 29 August 2016

 Request for Judicial Notice 29 August 2016

 Colt Declaration and Exhibits 29 August 2016

 Proposed Order Granting Judicial Notice 29 August 2016

 Proof of Service 29 August 2016




Month Subpoena Title Response



Sony v SSH

RFC Editor Declaration

Secretariat Declaration Response

NAT Working Group Internet Draft


March Sony v SSH Inquiry asking for a copy of the NAT WG for IETF 43 Orlando Blue Sheets
February Advanced Media Networks LLC v ViaSat, Inc. et al

Advanced Media Networks Declaration


Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. BITCO Gen. Ins. Corp. et al.




Samsung v. IXI PTAB

Intellectual Ventures Declaration Response

Samsung Declaration

RFC 2131

Exhibit 1

RFC 2543

Exhibit 1

RFC 2663

Exhibit 1


Subpoenas and Legal Requests

Month Subpoena Title Response

Genband3 Request


Max Mind Inc Request

Arista v. Cisco Request

RFC Editor Genband Response

Secretriat Genband Response

RFC Editor Max Mind Response

RFC Editor Arista Response


Genband 2 Request

Secretariat Genband 2 Response



Apple v. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson

Deposition Request

RFC Editor Apple Response

Secretariat Apple Response

July Covered Business Method Review of U.S. Patent

RFC Editor Response

Exhibit 1


Sony Mobile Communications Intl. v. SSH Communications Security

Intellectual Ventures Deposition Subpoena

Intellectual Ventures Document Subpoena

Secretariat Sony Response


Secretariat IV Response

RFC Editor IV Response


Genband US v. Metaswitch Networks. 21 April 15

Arista Networks Legal Request 13 April 15

Affidavit 12 May 15
RFC Editor Declaration 24 April 15

RFC Editor Arista Declaration

March Genband US v. Metaswitch Networks

IETF Declaration
RFC Editor Declaration




Month Suit Title Documents
March 2016 Todd S. Glassey v. MicroSemi Inc et Al September 4, 2014 Judgment 3 March 2016
September Todd S. Glassey v. MicroSemi Inc et Al September 4, 2014

Plaintiff Reply Brief 18 July 2015

DOJ Opposition Brief 13 July 2015

Defendants Opposition Brief 13 July 2015

9th Circuit Denial of Plaintiff Motions 11 June 2015

Fed Circuit Appeals Court Dimissal of Palintiffs Appeal 10 June 2015

Plaintiff Appeal Brief 2 June 2015

Defendants' Opposition To Plaintiffs MotionFor EnBanc Reconsideration-18 May 2015

Plaintiff Motion for En Banc Consideration 4 May 2015

Plaintiff Amended Motion to Transfer and Extension Request 27 March 2015

Plaintiff Transfer Reply 22 March 2015

Defendants Opposition to Transfer 20 March 2015

Plaintiff Motion to Consolidate in DC Circuit

Plaintiff Motion to Transfer Appeal 7 March 2015

Defendants Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction, Alternatively Transfer to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals2 March 2015

District Court of Northern California Docketing Notice 11 February 2015

Plaintiffs' Notice of Appeal 9 February 2015

Order Denying Motions Filed 7 January 2015 21 January 2015

Motion to Correct Filing Error and Move to DC Circuit 7 January 2015

Judgment 29 December 2014

Order Granting Motion To Dismiss and Vacate Hearings 29 December 2014

ISOC-IETF Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss 22 December 2014

Joint Defendants Response to Plaintiffs Second Amended Complaint 19 December 2014

Plaintiffs' Response In Re Order To Show Cause Why Second Amended Complaint Should Not Be Stricken 18 December 2014

ISOC-IETF Response to Partial Summary Judgment Motion 15 December 2014

Plaintiffs' Response To IETF Motion To Dismiss14 December 2014

Plaintiffs' Exhibit 14 December 2014

Court Order to Show Cause by 19 December Why Second Amended Complaint Should Not Be Stricken 11 December 2014

ISOC-IETF Reponse to Glassey Second Amended Complaint 1 December 2014

Glassey Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Count 8 IETF Performance Rights Award 29 November 2014

Second Amended Complaint 13 November 2014

Court Order Striking Complaint and Vacating Hearings 30 October 2014

ISOC-IETF Response to Glassey Opposition to Motion to Dismiss 17 Ocober 2014

Court Order Denying Glassey Motion to Extend Time to Respond and Delay Court Date 20 November on Motions 10 October 2014

Glassey Opposition to IETF Motion to Dismiss 9 Ocotober 2014

Glassey Opposition to Cisco Motion to Dismiss 9 October 2014

BCP 79 9 October 2014

BCP 78 9 October 2014

ISOC Motion to Dismiss 25 September 2014

Glassey vs. MicroSemi Inc Complaint 4 September 2014

Subpoenas and Legal Requests

Month Subpoena Title Response
November Ericsson Inc. v. Intellectual Ventures I LLC RFC Editor Response 2014-11-20
November Microsoft Corporation v. VirnetX 2014-11-03 RFC Editor Response 2014-11-07



Straight Path IP Group v. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 2nd Request

RFC Editor Response 2014-08-19

July Straight Path IP Group v. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

RFC Editor Response 2014-08-07

June Samsung inter partes review of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,953,390 and 8,359,007

RFC Editor Response 2014-06-10
Exhibit A

April Datascape, Inc v. Sprint Spectrum LP and Sprint Solutions Inc

RFC Editor Response 2014-05-06
RFC Editor Response 2014-04-06

February Smartphone vs Huawei Nov 2013 Followup RFC Editor Response 2014-02-21
January Prism Technologies vs T-Mobile USA, Inc. RFC Editor Response 2014-02-06
January Brixham Solutions v. Juniper Networks IETF Response
RFC Editor Response 2014-02-06


Month Subpoena Title Response
December LG Electronics Request IETF Response 2013-12-19
November Smartphone Technologies vs Huawei Device IETF Response with exhibits 2013-11-12


Month Subpoena Title Response
December Apple and International Trade Commission Subpoena RFC Editor Response
December HTC and International Trade Commission Subpoena RFC Editor Response
Related Documents
October Alberta Telecommunications Research Center v. AT&T IETF Response
October inNOVA Patent Licensing LLC v. Alcatel-Lucent Holdings  
October BT v. CoxCom and Cable One (1) (2) IETF Response
May Summit Data Systems vs EMC IETF Response
March VirnetX v. Cisco Systems, et al from VirnetX  
March VirnetX v. Cisco Systems, et al from Siemens  

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