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Fees Policy for Legal Requests 6 September 2012


This policy imposes standard fees to produce information and authenticate documents in response to subpoenas and other legal requests.


The IETF receives requests for information, documentation, authentication and other matters through subpoenas and less formal means that require manpower and materials to be expended. These requests are on the rise. During the period 2005 to 2010 the IETF responded to nine subpoenas. Since 2011 the IETF has received five subpoenas and three other legal requests for authenticated documents.

Each such request is time sensitive and involves the IETF Counsel, the IAD, and members of the IAOC, who together form the Legal Management Committee, to rapidly analyze and identify the means for satisfying the request. Often there is a need to retain outside counsel, especially in cases that might lead to depositions or court testimony.

A Schedule of Fees is an appropriate and reasonable means to recover costs associated with such efforts. Fees may be waived at the discretion of the IAOC in the case of requests made by or on behalf of non-profit organizations, and in other unusual circumstances.

The Schedule of Fees is located:

These fees are subject to change.

Adopted: 6 September 2012

     Last Updated 28 August 2018