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The IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA) is responsible for ensuring that the IETF's administrative needs are met but the IETF does not expect that the IASA will take on the bulk of this work directly; rather, the IETF expects the IASA to contract this work from others and to manage these contractual relationships to achieve efficiency, transparency, and cost effectiveness.

As detailed in RFC 4071, The IETF Administrative Director (IAD) is responsible for negotiating and maintaining contracts or equivalent instruments with outside organizations, and for providing any coordination necessary to make sure that the IETF administrative support functions are covered properly. All functions, whether contracted to outside organizations or performed internally within the IASA, must be clearly specified and documented with well-defined deliverables, service level agreements, and transparent accounting for the cost of such functions.

Policy & Procedures


The IAOC is responsible for ensuring that IASA finances and operational status are tracked appropriately, and that monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and operational reports are published to the IETF community.








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