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2012 IAOC Goals

Adopted 19 July 2012

BCP 101 defines the IAOC's responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities are ongoing and reoccurring but annually the
IAOC identifies specific additional tasks that should be undertaken. These are the tasks identified for 2012.

1. Contractor Performance
The IAD will conduct a Performance Review of each service provider in the fourth quarter of 2012 including services providers for the Secretariat, Meeting Network Services, RFC Production Center, RFC Publisher, and Legal.

The IAOC will review the IAD's Performance Review Work Plan, service metrics, and results prior to each performance Review.

The IAOC will participate in an IAB-led review of IANA and its performance under the Service Level Agreement.

2. IETF Meeting Calendar
The IAOC will complete the selection of and arrangements for meeting venues through 2015 in accordance with the 3-year schedule

The IAOC will select IETF meeting dates for the period 2018 - 2022.

3. IETF Tools Development

The IAOC will complete the:
  1. Datatracker database conversion
  2. Datatracker lifecycle implementation, from -00 to RFC
  3. RFP for Remote Participation Services

4. Budget & Finance
The IAOC will ensure the administration of the IETF finances in accordance with the 2012 Budget.
The IAOC will update the Legal Services contract for 2012 - 2013.

5. IETF Network Meeting Services
The IAD will bring an RFP to the IAOC so that it may consider adding meeting network service providers to better ensure qualified backup providers and competitive pricing.

6. Bits-N-Bites Networking and Sponsorship Experiment
The IAOC has been requested by the IETF Chair to conduct a networking and sponsorship experiment called Bits-NBites at the IETF's 84 and 85.

The IAOC will establish the base criteria for approving proceeding with the experiment for each of the meetings.

The IAOC will review the results of each event to fine-tune the program and inform a decision to proceed with the experiment in 2012.

The IAOC will seek proposals for a community demographics study to inform future sponsorship experiments and decisions.

7. IETF Server Hosting
The IAOC will develop a plan for the possible move of,, and services to a more scalable and robust operational arrangement.

8. IAOC & Trust Web Sites
The IAOC will update the IAOC and Trust web sites to improve consistency, organization, linkage, and ease of use.

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