This is an archived webpage. For current information about the IETF administrative arrangements, see the IETF Administration LLC website.

2013 IAOC Goals

Adopted 30 April 2013

BCP 101 defines the IAOC's responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities are ongoing and reoccurring but annually the IAOC identifies specific additional tasks that should be undertaken. These are the tasks identified for 2013.

1. IETF Server Hosting
The IAOC will complete the move of IETF Services (,, and to a colocation arrangement.

2. IAOC & Trust Web Sites
The IAOC will complete and deploy updated IAOC and Trust web sites to improve consistency, organization, linkage, and ease of use.

The IAOC private wiki will be updated with current contracts, MoUs, and un-redacted minutes.

3. Contracts

The IAOC will take action to issue an RFP for or extend the following contracts:

1. Secretariat expires 31 Jan 14
2. RFC Publisher expires 31 Jan 14
3. RFC Production Center expires 31 Dec 13
4. RFC Series Editor expires 31 Dec 13
5. Legal Services expires 30 Jun 13

4. South American Venue for IETF Meeting
The IAOC will evaluate venues for an IETF meeting in South America and if a venue is found that can support a successful IETF meeting, the IAOC will bring the issue to the IETF community for comment and then proceed to a decision informed with that feedback.

5. IETF Tools Development
The IAOC will oversee the completion of tools development projects for NomCom Tools, Agenda Scheduling Tool, and Mail Search and Archive Tool.

The IAOC will develop a plan to update the IETF and RFC-Editor tools to take advantage of the new server redundancy and begin implementation.

6. RFC Editor Tools Development
The IAOC will support the RFC Editor function with the development of specifications focused on the new RFC format work for the development of new RFC Editor tools.

7. Transition to a new Datatracker Project Manager
The IAOC will complete the transition to a new Datatracker Project Manager in 2013.

8. Remote Participation Services Initiative
The IAOC will test new RPS technologies in I* meetings in order to learn how to improve remote participation at IETF meetings. The IAOC will report on the experience to the community.

9. Explore Additional Revenue to Support the IETF
The IAOC will work with ISOC to study expanding existing revenues, such as Bits-N-Bites, and finding additional revenue streams to support the IETF.

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